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Wireless lavalier UHF
Rental Price: $50/day ea.
Wireless Handheld UHF
Rental Price: $50/day ea.
Sennheiser microphone ME-88
Rental Price: $50/day

Sennheiser microphone ME-60
Rental Price: $50/day
Audio boom package Intercom Translation / Tour Guide
Listening Assistance Ear / Headphones Phones
Ktek wired pole, Rycote wind softy blimp
Rental Price: $50/day
RTS 10 Station intercom package
Rental Price: $300/day
1 headset mic and 6 headsets/belt packs. Ships in included hard briefcase.
Rental Price: $150/day
Each additional belt pack $35/day
Conference Table Microphones and Speakers Field Audio Mixers
Bosch CCS 800 Discussion System
Includes: 2 chairman units, 45 delegate units, a control and
power supply unit.
Features: Daisy chained, built in headset/speaker, feed back eliminator
Rental Price: $2,500/day or $50 per unit plus $100 for control unit.
Ross 4 channel stereo
Shure 5 channel mono
Sound Devices 3 channel stereo 302
Rental Price: $50/ea. daily
Audio Boards Press Box
Tascom Prosumer 6x2 Audio Board
Rental Price: $35/day

Teac 24x8 XLR input Audio Board
Rental Price: $150/day

Sony 8x1 XLR Audio Board
Rental Price: $50/day

(2) Available
Rental Price: $25/day
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