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Grip Truck Grip Truck Rental Agreement
3-Ton Grip Truck Package

(plus gas & mileage) $250.00
MILEAGE $.55 per mile
GAS $15 service charge plus the cost of the fuel if not returned full.
Approved driver and proof of insurance required if not available, must include a driver for $200.00 per day.

1991 Ford E350 Econoline cube truck w/automatic transmission and hydraulic lift-gate.

2 Hi Roller Stands, 6 Combo Reflector Stands, 6 C Stands, 2 Sliding Leg C Stands, 9 Extension Arms w/Grip Heads, 1 Hi Hat.

1 each: 6'x6' frame, 6'x6' solid, 6'x6' single net, 6'x6' double net, 6'x6' silk, 6'x6' Grifflon B/W, 12'x12' frame, 12'x12' solid, 12'x12' single net, 12'x12' double net, 12'x12' silk, 12'x12' Grifflon B/W, 12'x12' frame, 12"x20" silk, 12"x20" single net, 12"x20" double net solid flag. 18"x24" 5 solid flags, 18"x24" 2 single nets, 18"x24" 2 double nets, 18"x24" 2 silk. 24"x36" 3 empty frames, 24"x36" 4 solid flags, 24"x36" 2 single nets, 24"x36" 2 double nets, 24"x36" 2 silks, 36"x36" 1 flat frame. 48"x48" 1 double net, 48"x48" 2 silk, 48"x48"2 flat frame, 48"x48" 2 empty frame, 48"x48" 4 floppys.

2 each: 42"x42" Aluminum Reflectors Articulating Flex Arms, 18" Bar Clamps, 12" Bar Clamps, 4" C-clamps, 6" C-clamps, 8" C-clamps, 4" C-clamps w/spud, 6" C-clamps w/spud, 8" C-clamps w/spud, Gaffer Grips, #3 Spring Clamps, Maffer Clamps, Junior Nail-on Plates, Baby Offset Arms, Junior Offset Arms, Baby Matt Pipe Adapters, Scissor Clamps, Tubing Hangers (ear). 4 each: Baby Nail-on Plates, Stair Blocks. 12 each: #1 Spring Clamps, #2 Spring Clamps, 15lb. Sand Bags. Also, a Box of Cribbing, 24 Wedges, 16 shims, Suction Cup Clamp w/spud, 2x4 Wall Spreader, 2x6 Wall Spreader, 16 Apple Boxes, (4 each size), 12’ Step Ladder, 6’ Step Ladder, 6’ Speed Rail, 4’ Speed Rail.

6 each: 25’ Edison Stingers, 50’ Edison Stingers, Grounding Adapters.

4 Bead Boards, 1 Foam Board, 3 Road-Cones, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Hammers, Brooms, 14 Furniture Pads and Various Other Hand Tools.

Pre-loaded expendables:
available for purchase if opened.

3 Ton Grip Truck

3 Ton Grip Truck


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