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Teleprompters Field Monitors
Window or Apple laptop based w/17" LCD monitor sled mount.
Rental Price: $275/day
Includes a soft carry bag.

Teleprompter riser
Sled mount mini camcorder adaptor
Rental Price: $35/day

Teleprompter Operator $325/day
Remote battery pack $75/day

Amiga based w/9” b/w monitor tripod mount
Rental Price: $90/day includes anvil cases
Operator $250/day
Marshall 7" field monitor w/ AC power or V-Lock Batteries
Includes: Soft field case & AC power supply
Rental Price: $100/day
note: batteries and charger are an additional $50/day.
( Photo, click here )
Underwater Camera Housings
EWA-Marine Underwater Full Broadcast Size camera bag
Rental Price: $150/day
EFP Steadicam SK
Rental Price: $275/day
Includes support stand, anvil case and soft bag
Dolly & Track Camera Boom
Norms Doorway Dolly
Complete Unit: Dolly Platform, 2 Sideboards, Push Handle and Steering Handle

Unit: w/standard and track pop-off wheels
Rental Price: $36/day

Wheel Set: Standard or track (set/4)
Rental Price: $10/day

Track: Norms straight (10' section)
Rental Price: $12/day
6' Jib arm
Rental Price: $130/day
Includes anvil case and weights

33' camera arm
Rental Price: $1,100/day
Includes shipping cases , weights & operator


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